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Need help teaching your child how to read? Learn how to use PRIDE Reading Program to teach new or struggling readers to read, write, and spell. Children with dyslexia will benefit a great deal from the Orton-Gillingham method used in the PRIDE Reading Program. Source by jimmieaquick

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I’m sure that within a short time after you start our learning to read program with your child, you will absolutely be delighted at the progress your child is making. At times you will simply be flabbergasted by a young child’s capacity to learn. With our reading program, you’ll instantly discover how easy it is… Continue reading how to teach your young child to read

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Shapes book free download preschooler Activity + free curriculum “how to teach your child to read” – YouTube ***FREE CURRICULUM!! How to teach my child to read — Click the Facebook group link in the youtube description to get the FREE curriculum! FOLLOW for more freebies! Source by Mrslaurass

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Hooked on Phonics Teaches Your Child to Read – With Hooked On Phonics, you can help your child improve reading skills. Hooked on Phonics has been teaching kids how to read for over twenty years. A great homeschooling tool! #skills #kids #homeschooling Source by asseenontv

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Have fun while helping your child learn to read. Readably is a multi-sensory approach to teaching reading, and the Level 1 Bundle is a great way to start.  Here’s what’s Included:  Readably – Level 1 Videos [140 videos] Letter tiles [PDF download for all the sounds/spellings introduced in Level 1] Readers integrated in Source by… Continue reading how to teach your child to read pdf